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our crafts
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The power of imagination

Hello, are you frastrated because you have run out of ideas and yet you need money to sustain you and your family?
Here is a solution that will earn you a million dollars regularly as long as you keep following these tips;
Get some time off your daily schedule and go to a silent place.
Try to observe nature. Our nature has got an infinite amount of designs that you can use in your craft making. That shows how God is so powerful in his creation.
As you are sitted where ever you are, try to remember a wonderful event that happened some time back in your life and try to paint it with various colours.
Draft this on your piece of paper. If you have a smart phone like samsang galaxy 3 or a better version, make use of the paper artist app.
Continue the painting until you are sertisfied with what you have drawn.
Save your work and then go back home.
After some time go back to your work with a fresh mind and try to brain storm on the materials you can use to get your design to reality.
List the materials down and where tou can possibly find them.
Collect them and start on your work but first make a prototype before starting on the real project.
After the prototype complete your project and make money after panel beating.
Good luck with the new product  ready for market.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

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